Steps of the Nemesis

The play „Steps of the Nemesis“ was written by the playwright, theoretician and theatre director Nikolai Evreinov (1879-1953) and published only after his death. Written during the late 1930s in exile in Paris, it presents an attempt at reconstructing the power schemes that led to the downfall of Genrikh Yagoda, the almighty secret police chief who met his fate in the 3rd Moscow Trial in 1938. With the means of theatre, Evreinov reveals the theatricality of the Stalinist show trials. The play, which was published by Evreinov’s widow in a small print run and has never been performed before, will be brought on state for the first time – and connected with current developments. The premiere is scheduled for 2022.

The project is funded by the Agora programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation and is hosted by the Slavic Seminar, University of Zurich (project leader: Prof. Dr. Sylvia Sasse).